We teach Japanese.
We are volunteer Japanese language instructors, who teach Japanese to people on an individual basis. Anybody who wants to learn Japanese is welcome. There are 10 different locations in a week. You can choose from any of these. (See back) Classes are free of charge, however, there is a yearly fee of ¥2000 to cover classroom rental, telephone, etc. Please refer to the table on the back of this sheet for class times.

We are an independent organization, founded in December 1992 to help foreigners in their study of Japanese.
Number of volunteers:158(as of Mar 2017)
205 students (as of Mar 2017):Countries of origin include: China South Korea,Indonesia,Philippine, Vietnam, Peru, Brazil, U.S.A, Russia,India, etc.
Ten"Terakoya"- the name of the classrooms - in Hachioji. For those who cannot attend the classes, individual institution is also available.
[Main Activities]

  1. We offer Japanese study support for foreigners.
  2. Every fall, we hold a "Japanese Speech Contest"for the students, and the students and the volunteer members gather for a New Year Party.
  3. We offer support to groups of volunteer members through training sessions,ectures, orientation, etc.

[Annual Members' Fee]
Because our group is a volunteer organization , we operate on the basis of an annual members' fee. Our academic year runs from April 1 to March 31. ◎Annual fee for students ¥2,000

To students, who are studying Japanese in the Hachioji Nihongo no Kai. Please read the following rules.

  1. Please try to speak Japanese during the class as much as possible.
  2. Please be friendly to many other foreign students in your class.
  3. Please tell your teacher or your class leader if you will be absent in advance. Please telephone your teacher if you are late.
  4. Please bring your notebook, an eraser, a mechanical pencil or some pencils and the textbook with you.
  5. The teacher will not continue to teach you if you are absent from the class for a month or four times.
  6. Please take part in the various activities of your class and the Hachioji Nihongo no Kai. (The speech contest, New year party ,etc.)
  7. Please don’t do any business activities, any religious activities, and political movement in the Hachioji Nihongo no Kai.
  8. Please get in touch with your teacher or your class leader if you come across any problems. Please consult with your teacher about study matters and your problem.

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